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Hiroki Itakura(Itakura Hiroki)

Born on September 8, 1990

Professional baseball player (outfielder), right-handed pitcher and left-handed hitter, born in Tochigi City, Tochigi Prefecture

After working in the Japanese Independent League, the BC League, and the Shikoku Island League, he moved to the U.S. Independent League. He is a talented player who changed his base to overseas and was called up by a higher league.

Empire Professional League(A)

United League(A〜AA)

Canadian American League(AA)

American Assotiation(AA〜AAA)

Frontier League

As an active professional athlete

Although he is not a big man, standing at 5feet10inches tall and weighing 176lb, he boasts a skillful bat control that has earned him the top batting position twice in the past, and he also has a strong shoulder that can send pitches over 93miles to the outfield. Among them, his fastest weapon is his quick feet, which are in the 5-second range in the 50-meter run. Itakura was born and raised in a teaching family and has a very gentle personality, including being extremely popular with the children of local fans. On the other hand, he is more serious than most people when it comes to baseball, and has been a long-term member of the primary resistance training "World Wing" for more than a decade, training that is still essential for him to play for a professional team in the United States, even though he is now over 30 years old. He has such a Japanese aspect that he never neglects his daily efforts to keep himself in the best condition at all times.

↓Photo: Itakura in 2022 season

Itakura's vacation is all about baseball

Each class is designed for children with dreams, long-time baseball fans, and those who exercise to maintain their bodies. Here, you can learn the know-how of training methods and maintaining conditioning in play that Itakura has cultivated through his own experience.


Taiga Sato(Taiga Sato)

School Career:

Graduated from Wilcox High School
Dianza Junior College, Associate Degree (Mathematics)
B.S. (Mathematics, Computer Engineering), Clark University

Professional baseball career:

Empire State Greys
Saranac Lake Surge

Amateur baseball career:

Wilcox High School Baseball Team
Dianza Junior College Baseball Club
Clark University Baseball Club