Hiroki Itakura, who is also a professional baseball player in the U.S., has a passion for baseball and hopes that the new MLB opportunity will be the foundation for as many Japanese players as possible to be active in the world.

Baseball in the U.S., a sports powerhouse
A new door to "Major League Baseball" opens...

First, the American baseball communitylearn more about how it works

To "Major League Baseball" and "Independent League Baseball."Approximate technical skills when classified

Empire's spirit: "Our role is to discover the world's buried talent."

From the 2023 season
Local and Japanese players
It will be a mixed team of Japan and the U.S.!

"We're going to play the game in the United States, where MLB was built!"

Local and Japanese players mixed from the 2023 season! Standing on the field overseas!

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Independent leagues receive baseball players from all over the world.

Ticket to the Majors
Call up.
Grab the upper leagues!

The "one pitch," "one throw," and "one hit" in front of you are
One's future self!
If you have the temperament to aim for death
that I will see my potential!

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Empire's spirit: "Our role is to discover the world's buried talent."

Run for it!
To the Majors
New entrance!

I'm in the Empire League now.
Get the scout's attention!

We want to get more players from Japan!"

Opportunity is here!
How can I promote myself!

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Hungry spirit "The experience in the real America will forever feed your life"

indefinitely awaiting one's death
Passion for baseball!
EPF will do its best to support you!

Overseas Expedition

At local spring camp tryouts
After being divided into teams
Uniforms were handed out, and now it was time to open the season.
But don't rest easy here!
The fight to become a major leaguer has just begun!

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Itakura has both the charm and ability to attract people.

We have officially signed a contract!
A passion for baseball that transcends oceans!

Come on! Let's move on!"

We are the major league bridge to your dreams!
We're here to help you move forward without hesitation!

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The strongest members who have been active or enrolled in the Independent League!

Get stimulated!
Staff Biographies!


Hiroki Itakura(Hiroki Itakura)

Born on September 8, 1990

Professional baseball player (outfielder), right-handed pitcher and left-handed hitter, born in Tochigi City, Tochigi Prefecture

After working in the Japanese Independent League, the BC League, and the Shikoku Island League, he moved to the U.S. Independent League. He is a talented player who changed his base to overseas and was called up by a higher league.

Empire Professional League(A)

United League(A〜AA)

Canadian American League(AA)

American Assotiation(AA〜AAA)


Taiga Sato(Taiga Sato)

School career

Graduated from Wilcox High School
Dianza Junior College, Associate Degree (Mathematics)
B.S. (Mathematics, Computer Engineering), Clark University

Professional baseball career

Empire State Greys
Saranac Lake Surge

Amateur baseball career

Wilcox High School Baseball Team
Dianza Junior College Baseball Club
Clark University Baseball Club


Aim to be a major leaguer!