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Left: Hiroki Itakura, EPF Representative/
Mr. Eddie Gonzalez, President of the EMPIRE League

Mr. Eddie Gonzalez and Itakura began focusing their efforts on finding future players for two reasons.
One is that, as mentioned at the beginning of this article, MLB has seen a drastic reduction in the number of teams as the minor leagues have been downsized, starting with Coronavirus.
The other reason is that MLB's operations have changed dramatically, with player development being outsourced in the same way as in Japan's NPB. These have led to MLB beginning to actively form alliances with independent leagues, and the existence and nature of empires is changing. Mr. Eddie Gonzalez approached Itakura, who had been called up to the Frontier League from the Empire League, where many of the players were transferred to the higher leagues, and he set to work to discover talented Japanese talent. It was Itakura that he was launched with a sense of mission and the company it now operates. And because the representative himself is an active professional athlete, he is able to obtain "live" information. If you want to take a step forward but are unable to do so, or if such feelings are lingering in your mind, it would be a waste to leave them as they are. Cultivate the hungry spirit of the real America and take your first step into the foreign world right now.

Role of EPF and EMPIRE respectively

We are building a bridge between Japan and the United States. Because of this relationship of trust, we are able to smoothly bridge the gap between Japan and the U.S. in order to find the best talent in Japan.